"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless as this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress." James 1:27

Monday, September 27, 2010

We visited one of the teacher's houses (Mary). These are some of her brothers and sisters. They took us for a boat ride in the man-made lake beside us where they earn their livelihood catching and selling fish.
This is sideways because Meghan can't take pictures. Haha. Jordan is giving out a blanket to a woman at one of the villages.

Same as before, except this is Meghan.

One of the better houses in the village.

Jordan and I posing after giving the children at one of the village schools blankets and rice. They put garlands around our necks to show their appreciation. The people there were truly greatful and hospitable.
Hey guys!
Here's a few quick pictures of the projects we are doing. We still have some supplies that we are going to be distributing. The villages we visit really are in great need. The rainy season has been a hinderance to them, flooding their houses, roads, and crops. They don't have a lot of money to begin with. Most of them earn about 2 dollars a day. And that's doing hard physical labor like fishing, carrying supplies, and construction. Not everyone in the villages have jobs though, so the ones that do are considered lucky. Some of the familes have multiple kids, so providing for all of them and the parents is hard. Most of the houses they live in are one-room houses, or little huts. They don't have much, so what they do have is very valued. The blankets they got made them very happy because most of them didn't even own a blanket. Us, Madhava, Nirmala, and Rajesh are doing as much as we can for them, and we are hoping people will join with us to help them because there's a total of 24 villages we'd like to help. And more call and ask for our help. We can't meet all their needs, but we are trying to do as much as possible. Each place we go to they let us pray with them to continue to look to God for life. Many of the people are getting sick now with the changing weather. And we are going into certain areas, praying that God will keep us at health so that we can continue to do whatever it is He wants us to do. We continue to pray for support. Please continue to join us in prayer, and we hope that you will continue to join us in giving, as well, since we are young students who have not established a large financial pocket, but what we do have is being used to be poured out onto the villages. The exchange rate has worked in our favor (1 dollar equals about 45 rupees). The cost of a blanket is approximately 200 rupees, so about 4 dollars. People are sleeping on the ground in their huts. And the blankets are the only thing that seperates them from the dirt because the ones we gave blankets to don't have cement floors. So these blankets give them a place to rest their weary bodies from working all day in hopes of at least filling their kids stomachs, and at best, theirs as well.
Thanks to everyone so far for the prayers and support. It's greatly appreciated. Please just continue to pray for the people of the villages.
Love from India,
Jordan and Meghan

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  1. You both are really an inspiration, and an awesome example of the hands and feet of the church!