"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless as this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress." James 1:27

Friday, September 10, 2010

How bout that?

Its Jordan posting.
How is everyone doing?ah,sounds like you're all doing well...
so! here is what is new- We are waiting for roads to clear up from all of the rain we have had the last couple weeks,so that we can continue to share the word with the villages. And! we have a few boxes of Bibles that we just got (thanks to everyone back home supporting us) to take to the villages.
We are also waiting on an order for blankets,and a truckload of rice for here at the orphanage. We are hoping to get some photos up so everyone can see where their money is going .
Life here has been getting more beautiful as time moves.
Each night before the elementry kids go to sleep they call me into there room and we all get in a circle and we pray together. After this they all say "goodnight tumulu!" (telugu for brother)
Last night i went in to lay down beside some of them as they were falling asleep. Right when i layed down i was offered a mat to lay my head on. I told the boy we should share..It was the only thing he had that he was laying on.
After i layed there i felt something at my hand.
One of the very little boys layed down next to me and i looked down at him and he gave up his mat to come over and be next to me. So i gave him my bandana to lay his head on,he took it with a great smile. As he fell asleep i rubbed his head not certain if he has parents and if so,had they ever done this for him while he was falling asleep. I am certain of 2 things though,and it is this; I have never had someone offer me their pillow as the boy i layed next too,if it meant that they were going to be lying their face on just the ground.
The other; This was the first time i have ever seen anyone give up there mat (or matress) and lay down on the solid ground,just because they liked the person they would be laying next to.
Jesus says "Blessed are the poor" and I have a strong sense of that here. I also have a strong sense that those who are loved by the poor are incredibly blessed.
I experienced that last night. I dont believe that some of the kids are aware of the level of love that they have shown me while i've been here.
They are all Unique,made fearfully and wonderfully.

I hope that everyone back home is doing very well. Thank you all for your prayers and support.
If you could be praying that the roads would clear up here ,that would be much appreciated. The roads that go to the villages are terribly bad to drive on even with a truck,they are all mudd roads and have been ripped apart by all the rain and livestock that walks on it.
Also for the health of the people here,many are getting sick because of the weather as well. All the rain is prime for masquitos and masquitos are prime for things like malaria.
In the love of Christ,


  1. Hey Jordan! and Maghan as well!
    Its Brad here, just thought i would take sometime to tell ya how much i miss you and how incredible your trip with God sounds! I wish i could be there! Life back home has been pretty crazy for me, but its good!
    I feel kinda bad i forgot to pray for you for a little bit, but this reminded me to continue praying :)
    I know God will continue blessing you two as you do miraculous things for his kingdom!
    Much love,
    Brad Sensenich

  2. Dude, I got weird looks from people in the library as your story of love moved me, but for the first time I was not afraid of crying. I am extremely proud to have known a person such as yourself. I truly feel that that is where you belong and I will always be praying for you. One day we will be united again, but you must first complete your mission and from what I have heard it is going well.
    Brothers for Life,
    Jesse Pechart