"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless as this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress." James 1:27

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hey everyone!

It's sunday here, and its still very warm here. I dont know what its like in PA,but i hear fall is almost hitting you.

I would have liked if I could have many of you here with us yesterday.

We went to two villages. The first village we met a huge group of people at a school that are doing things similar to Mercy & Grace. They are feeding kids, and taking care of them as best as they can.

They are financially struggling so we helped supply them with blankets for the people throughout the area. We found out the blankets we were giving out would take a man from that area 3 days of his salary to pay for one. Madhava encouraged the people in the village in unity, that they need to begin to help each other. They all have been deserting the idea of unity, which has not helped them get into any better circumstances then where they are now.

Then we all prayed together, praying that they would continue to look to God and ask for His guidance.

Then we went to the village #2

We met up at a prayer hall donated by Salvation Army. We were given great hospitality there, we were offered drinks and snacks by some of the people.

We had another large gathering. Madhava asked Meghan and I to share from the word and encourage them. After worship (in telugu) we shared a message which was translated by Madhava's son, Rajesh.

After this we prayed with them and gave blankets to the Men and Women, most are of an older age and you can see that the age is getting to them as they have to walk a decent distance back to their homes.

We are hoping to keep doing things like this here.

People have been opening up their villages to Madhava and his wife Nirmala . There are a total of 24 villages, and we have helped three so far with the blankets and rice we've bought with the money you helped support us with.

God has really been doing His work here in India. You can see Him in some of the people. This one lady at one of the smaller villages of huts by Madhava's brother's house was a good example. As soon as we gave her rice, she ran to her hut (the size of a bed. you have barely enough room to lay in it and I'm not even sure you can kneel in it. This is for a whole family). She went to her hut and grabbed her Bible, her most prized possession, and some oil. She had us lay hands on her and pray for her and annoint her. It was really touching. You could feel the Spirit there. After praying with some of the other women, we left. It truly was a wonderful day. God showed Himself in so many ways. He truly is so wonderful.

I would personally like to thank everyone that has helped out so far. The prayers and support you've given has gone a long way. They've been used to glorify God and do His work. It is greatly appreciated by us, and especially the people here in India. There are still so many other villages we haven't reached yet, that are in so much need. We pray that God will open some doors and shows us ways to help them. Please continue to pray on the subject. Prayer is so important, and has proved to be so powerful. I would also like to thank anyone who's sent us packages or mail. Those too are greatly appreciated. They put smiles on our faces, and we thoroughly enjoy watching the kids eat some American sweets and snacks. It is really funny (We gave this one girl, Keerthi, peanut butter, and her face was priceless. She had no clue what to do with the texture and she really didn't like it. Haha!).

Thanks again for all the prayers and support. I hope everything is going well in America for everyone, and you're enjoying the changing seasons.

God Bless,

Meghan and Jordan

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