"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless as this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress." James 1:27

Monday, August 9, 2010

We made it!!

Hey everyone!!

Jordan and I made it safely to India!! Thanks for all you prayers!! We're going to try and post a few days a week. Jordan and I are going to alternate days updating you. So here's Jordan...

Hey Everyone ,

We are adjusting a bit more each day to the 10 1/2 hr difference. But while you are sleeping we aren't, and while you are awake ..we are too.. haha. We sleep as much each night as we can,however, we are still getting used to it. Meghan and I have been going through what we call going "vertigo" (like U2) the deffinition we gave to the word is this: When you are standing still but feel like you are still on an airplane.. just without the plane..

We have been eating so much food the past couple of days and they just keep giving us more ( and we thought Americans eat a lot) it is also all spicy food.Which has kepted our stomachs on the up-and-up. I learned the "propper" or "gentleman-like" way to eat with my hands (as all Indians do).

Yesterday we went to buy some Indian clothing at a shopping city. We hit nearly 10 vehicles,10 pedestrians, and 10 oxens. But 95% of the time while they drive they have the horn on and the foot ready to break.After getting our clothing we went to Madhava's brother's house. We ate some fruits off of a tree at his house,which were very interesting. After eating about 5 of them Madhava looked at me,rubbed his belly, and said "good for digesting,yes.." I looked at Meghan and she said "...are we eating something like laxidives.." thankfuly they did not make us go to the bathroom anymore than we already had.

After that we watched an oxen while it was being milked,that was interesting to say the least. I learned to not stand to close,because they like to swing their tales like baseball bats at a pianatta.

While we were leaving from Madhava's brother we passed by straw huts that were just big enough for 1 person to lay under (which about 5 people had these outside of his uncles house) i remembered madhava telling me how the poor people have been becoming christians but not so much the wealthy,because Hinduism is very much for the wealthy. So i looked at Madhava and asked him "do you ever pray with them?" and he said " yes,here.come." so i followed him over to the hut and he spoke with the lady laying under the straw very briefly and she came out with her bible and we grabbed hands as i prayed with the lady and madhava.As i began to pray in english ,she began to pray in Telugu. I experienced what Jesus was talking about when He said "when you do unto the least,you are doing unto Me." So it was praying hand-in-hand with Christ I experienced.

The orphanage has been wild ,and a bit tiring at times ,but it is good. We have about 15 kids jumping on us when we are outside with them (literally. i played a game today where all the kids jumped on my back and legs and i had to shout a word in telugu ,while trying to reach a certain destination on the pavement) I also have been showing them how to stand on their hands. It is funny to watch. They throw their little likes up in the air and just a moment later they land back down.

Please keep praying for us, we are in the adapting period right now and we are expecting the first couple of weeks to feel like the longest because of all the changes.

we appreciate all of the encouragement and prayers, they have been delivering us much needed strength.

We hope everyone at home,our friends,family, and my homies at rutters are doing well.

In grace and peace (and some excitement and tiredness) in Christ,

-Jordan & Meghan

Telugu word of the day: To leave-Degu


  1. Hey you two, loved hereing about your guys first few days. Life is changing dramatically over here. Long story short, I got a call a few hours after you 2 left Soul Patrol that is going to possible change alot. I probably won't be here when you come back.

    Lots of Love from a Brother, I'll be praying for you,

  2. So proud and happy for both of you. I got chills reading the part about you praying with the woman in the hut...bravo to both of you for enduring the adaptation and such. I can't wait to keep following the blog!

  3. what a great start!! can't wait to hear more about what God is showing you though His people. Praying for safety, strength, rest and continued excitement for what you are doing.