"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless as this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress." James 1:27

Monday, August 23, 2010

Namascarum (hello in Telugu)

Hey everyone! It's actually Meghan and Jordan (not my mom),
Here's something Jordan wrote on Facebook...
The past 2 weeks I have been praying about why God called me to India. we have had much un-expected down time in the past two weeks.
However, this past weekend we spent going all around to different villages( some of them as far as over an hour on crazy turrain)
We were delivering sewing machines to women whos villages have been drastically effected by the tsunami that hit India a few years ago. The surrounding area is all flooded and all the jobs are basically fishing for 2$ a day,which is what all the men do. But now the women will have something they can profit from as well (sewing).

We also went to a tiny church ( about the size of my living room) with about 40 people jammed inside. They actually asked me to share something from the Word,and so I said and read whatever the Spirit asked me to say and read. Madhava's son ,Rajesh, translated for me. I was not sure how it went being translated and all,but it did not matter, there was still a strong sense of Gods presence.
So it was an exciting weekend,filled with travelling and visiting very poor people ( who still offered us snacks and soda,It was unreal how much they wanted to share with us) and all kinds of people, a lot of observing ...and praying that we wouldn't takeout a herd of cattle that strayed along the road that was about 10ft wide.


Meghan and I were watching one of the classes while they were taking exams to make sure they are doing there work and not cheating...like some of them were attempting..
While I was sitting Madhava came up and we talked for awhile. He told me what the mission is that God is leading him through. What he had to say was basically this;
Jordan, there are so many people around here in need. everywhere. So many are thirsty for water, hungry for food, in need of clothing..but we cannot meet all of their needs. There are too many. But we can do our best to meet some of them. We must show love to them , they are crying out, when we do this we share the gospel with them. They invite us to come back because they know we love them. These people need to know and hear about God, and when we love them, they open their whole village up to us and we are able to tell them about Christ. The first village we went to could not even believe how far we came just to visit them, they were amazed. And now about 27 villages have churches in them,some are bigger, some are so tiny everyone must cram in to fit.
But Jordan we need help, we need hands to join together and work with us, and without the Holy Spirit we will have no direction. So we must always let the Holy spirit direct us and give us wisdom. With this, I believe, we can bring Christ to all of the area and it will continue to spread.

This is the message he gave me, he would like Meghan and I to help encourage believers here by going to a different churches each sunday and spread the Word, and pray for the people there.
There are several ways that the spirit is moving here, and it starts here in the orphanage. We share the love of Christ in the Orphanage (many of the kids come from Hindu families and their parents know this is a christian orphanage) the kids can take that back to their parents.
We need to also reach out to the youth, so we will hold youth meetings here.
And the Women are the spirit of the house, we need to reach out to them because they influence the whole house, and they are not afraid to share what they learn with everyone else they meet. We did this with the sewing machines.

So there are some really powerful things going on here.
I learned that many of the people around here are not excepted by Hinduism because they are not wealthy, and many Hindu temples only exist because there is somebody getting a lot of money from the offerings that are past around. Hinduism is all about money.
So the people here do not fit in with so much of India.Their hope has been crushed by the tsunami, the government wont spend money on them, nobody wants to hire them because they are not well learned, they are so oppressed and in need of a Savior. So we are sharing with them the hope we have found and the new life that Christ offers. After all,we are the body of Christ.

One of the things we are working on right now is getting bibles to distribute the people around the villages.
We are talking about getting blankets for some of the people as well ,who currently, are lying on a hard cement floor , or even some of them , just the dirt.

I have been in much prayer about this and diving into so much scripture,and God really has put weight on me to be a part of this ministry.
Christ is moving rapidly, I have seen it just in the past 2 weeks I've been here. Keep praying, please.
Let me know if you are interested in helping in anyway you can. Pray about it, and seek God, if He leads you to get involved in some way, tell me.
Whatever is given to help us is only going to be used however the Holy Spirit guides us. And it wont go to us, it will go unto the least .

Thank you everyone for all of your prayers and support. I believe there is much of God's fire waiting to be spread.

I hope everyone back home is doing well and that you are all seeing God at work somewhere, it is a beautiful thing.

Much love,


Thanks everyone for your continual support!
Basically these past couple of weeks have been spent teaching English to the kids (which is actually a lot harder than we thought), learning how to do laundry by smacking our clothes on cement blocks, resting, eating spicy, interesting looking food, and learning as much about the Indian culture as possible (And everything Jordan described above).
We have so many stories to share with all of you, and we cannot wait until we return to do them all justice, seeing as we only have so long on the computer. We got some legit hennas by a bunch of 13 year old girls. We also saw a scorpion the other night, and the kids beat it with a stick until it was basically pulverized. It was definately an interesting site. Jordan is currently playing the tamburine behind me, and our time is almost out on the computer. We will try to do our best with pictures, but they might have to wait until we get home. Thank you once again for all your support and prayers. They are so greatly appriciated.
With lots of love from India,
Meghan :]

PS-Stuart, what are you talking about? Where did you go?


  1. Glad to hear the update and that things are going well - we'll continue to pray for ministry opportunities and strength for you there.

    Dwight Kreiser

  2. Awesome work you are doing...love getting the updates. Still working on that letter from home or video message.

    Love you both,
    Amy Good